I won a prize?

I’ve been following Bloomsbury Ed on Twitter for a while and they do an awesome thing on a Friday… they give away a prize. Good old #freebiefriday. I’m one of these people who’ll RT something, because hell I’m not losing out on anything but I generally NEVER win. So I RT’d their tweet and thought nothing else of it. I went on with my Twitter life. Bloomsbury Ed is an incredible twitter to follow as a teacher, they produce some incredible books.

About a week after RT’ing the tweet I got a notification telling me I had won. WHAAAAAAAAT? How exciting. Someone from Bloomsbury sent me a message telling me I could choose from their ‘Teaching Primary’ series… French, Science, History or Spanish. I knew Spanish would be no good to me as we don’t teach it at my school. I toyed between the other 3 for a while. I would love them all, but that’s not how the competition works! Ha. I decided on Science. I generally get asked to teach science when I cover classes, so it’ll come in handy (and hey more knowledge is always good!).

And now, 3 days later it’s arrived! And it’s BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to get stuck into it! I’ve had a quick flick through and it is going to be invaluable… especially as I’m moving to Y4 to cover and I’ve not done Y4 Science for a while!


Now I need the other ones in the series! Woohoo!
If you fancy following Bloomsbury with your own chance to win in #freebiefriday they’re over at @BloomsburyEd!

Twitter competitions are awesome! A review post is sure to come in the future!

S x

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