Series Spotlight: The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea by Thomas Taylor

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I’ve loved sharing whole series that I love with you guys and I’ve loved hearing all about the series that you love too.

Today, I’m sharing The Legends of Eerie-On-Sea series by Thomas Taylor. This is one of those brilliant series that my kids have taken under their wing and there’s definitely a bit of a cult following in my classroom, ha!


Book 1: Malamander

This is a brilliant adventure set in a small (if not a little creepy) seaside town. The opening to this series is a brilliant way to set up the rest of the series – you get introduced to the town, its characters, the brilliantly spookiness of it and so much more! I loved the friendships and the hints of magic and folklore in this book. It’s a wonderful mix of science, fantasy, adventure and friendship: along with a few secrets and a mysterious fish. Bloody marvellous. After I’d read this, I was so ready for the next one and I was so sad I had to wait for the next one!

Book 2: Gargantis

I devoured this and I thought it was bloody brilliant. It was so wonderful to be back in Eerie on Sea with the characters and the vibes of the place true to book 1. With the promise of a massive monster, a terrible storm and a strange item in the lost and found, I knew I’d enjoy this. Herbie and Violet are back being their brilliant selves – solving mysteries, being good pals and generally bringing the fun. There’s some wonderful additions to the characters in this book including a terrifying baddie and some wonderful helpful sidekicks. I really enjoyed this! Fun, adventurous and full of wit!

Book 3: Shadowghast

This is absolutely magnificent! This book had me gripped from the get go. Shadowghast tells tales of mystery, intrigue, shadows and strange goings on. This is definitely the darkest of the series and that kept me gripped from the get go. Herbie, as always, is brave and brilliant. I loved the threads of folk tales, the town’s history and the importance of friendship in this. It’s eerie enough to be spooky, but not terrifying! Are the newcomers to Eerie-in-Sea really who they say they are?! Loved this! What a spot on Halloween read!

Book 4: Festergrimm

When I finished this, I thought “my gosh, what a ride!!” Let me tell you, there’s something so gripping and OMG I HAVE TO READ THIS ENTIRE BOOK RIGHT NOW about this series. Festergrimm is a glorious mix of big iron monsters, familiar villainous faces and legend that just had me from the get go. I love Herbie and Violet so much… you wouldn’t catch me in the waxwork museum though – creepy creepsville! These books are a glorious mix of detective mystery and a tiny little bit of horror in them too!


These books are perfect for KS2! Brilliant reads with loads of delicious vocabulary to explore.


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