Mini review Monday – more MG marvels!

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I’m stopping by your timelines today to share 4 books that I read and loved this year that I can’t wait to take to school and share with the rest of KS2!


Leila and the Blue Fox – Kiran Milwood Hargrave and Tom deFreston

She was very tired. She lay down, her soft head on her soft paws. The sunset licked her face. The snow covered her like a blanket.
Fox wakes, and begins to walk. She crosses ice and snow, over mountains and across frozen oceans, encountering bears and birds beneath the endless daylight of an Arctic summer, navigating a world that is vast, wild and wondrous.
Meanwhile, Leila embarks on a journey of her own – finding her way to the mother who left her. On a breath-taking journey across the sea, Leila rediscovers herself and the mother she thought she’d lost, with help from a determined little fox.

Gosh this is stunningly beautiful. A story of a girl, her relationship with her mam and a fox who travels thousands of miles. This hit me right where it hurt. This has brilliant messages about migration, how we should treat each other and about love. I think this slowly and surely gave me a hug and broke my heart a little too. Leila’s relationship with her mum was such a complex one – one built on not talking, not communicating, until they needed to. I loved Matty – he was a good egg. Miso has my entire heart. Incredibly illustrated too. I did of course shed a tear or two.

Always Clementine by Carlie Sorosiak

Clementine is a genius. She can calculate pi to 69,689 places, remembers the exact moment she was born, and dreams in Latin. She’s also a mouse. And when she escapes from the lab which has bred her, Clementine discovers that it’s not enough to be the smartest mouse in history if she wants to survive in the real world – especially while the scientists who kept her are trying to recover their prize specimen. So, together with her new human friends, Clementine must find a way to earn her freedom – for good.

My gosh, this is so full of heart and joy and love and just everything. Clementine is the loveliest thing in the world and I would love to meet her. The good humans of this story made me so happy. I loved Clementine’s thirst for knowledge and love for her friend. The whole mouse playing chess thing is such a cute thing. The messages about lab testing on animals is dealt with so brilliantly. My hope for the world is that it can be filled with the good humans from this story. The illustration of Clementine on the front of the proof makes me so happy. I loved the layout of this as letters – it made it feel so much more personal. I just wanna hug this book so much.

Spark by M.G. Leonard

When Jack rescues a wounded cat, he quickly suspects foul play. Could there be a wildlife criminal on the loose in Briddvale? Jack rushes to investigate, determined to catch the culprit, only to stumble into a deepening mystery and a sinister criminal plot. Can Jack and The Twitchers stop the villains before it’s too late?

Well, this was just as lush as the first one! Birds, a murder plot, protecting a rare species and learning all about friendships. Spark is such a gorgeous sequel to Twitch. I love these characters and reckon they could solve any crime! I know that these two books so far have been super popular in school and even spurred us on in a bit of a bird watching challenge!

Alex Neptune, Dragon Thief by David Owen

For as long as Alex Neptune can remember, the ocean has been trying to kill him. So he’s not too happy when a bunch of sea creatures drag him to the abandoned aquarium on the hill, where an imprisoned water dragon needs his help. But how can he say no to a magical myth? Recruiting his tech-genius best friend Zoey, legend-lover Anil, a sharp-shooting octopus, four acrobatic otters and a thieving seagull, Alex plots a heist to break the dragon out. And suddenly discovers the power of the ocean at his fingertips…

This is rip-roaring fun! A mismatched bunch of friends, a long-told myth, an evil plot and a water dragon. I really enjoyed this – loads of brilliant stuff in this! Characters! Plots! Foiled plots! Failed inventions! Friendships! Gorgeous sea creatures who help! Very much looking forward to the next one!


A massive thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed these reviews!

Have you read any of these books?
What have you been reading recently?

And that’s it for now! Thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know if you’ve read any of these books!

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