Series review: Dragon Realm

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I’ve loved sharing whole series that I love with you guys and I’ve loved hearing all about the series that you love too.

Today, I’m sharing the amazing Dragon Realm series by Katie and Kevin Tsang (authors of the amazing Sam Wu series too!). These books are SO popular in school and I can’t get enough of them!


Book 1: Dragon Mountain

‪WELL I BLOODY WHAT. That was incredible. THAT ENDING. I am going to need the next book soon thanks. This is full of adventure, dragons, friendship and awe! I loved getting to know the kids and the dragons. This whole thing was exciting and I didn’t want it to end! ‬I would love to see what my dragon looks like!

Book 2: Dragon Legend

Well, if this isn’t just a blooming magnificent sequel and a half. Dragons, friendship, powers, some BAD BAD baddies and full of adventure. This is deliciously good – full of shocked many times and that ending has left me DESPERATE for book 3. The brilliance of book one with even more incredible worlds, strange creatures and darkness everywhere. You can’t not love these kids and their dragons! I need to know what is going to happen next!!

Book 3: Dragon City

Right, I need a moment or 12. I think I cried for at least 8 chapters. This is JUST BRILLIANT. So action packed; so full of our favourite heroes; so full of hope; so much of a battle between dark and light. Being back in this land where the darkness and hunger for power has taken over and everyone is afraid, and there being just the tiniest smithereens of hope and kindness brings so much to this story. So many twists and turns, some little moments of humour. I just adore this. This gang of characters is one of the best. I just love these dragons and their humans so much.

Book 4: Dragon Rising

Well that was a ride a minute! New friends, new foes, a whole load of action packed goodness and some incredible messages about kindness and looking after our world! These Dragon books just keep shining! Billy and his crew are back to save the world and each other but not before they have to contend with a mysterious sword and some MASSIVE dragon problems. I missed these guys!!

Book 5: Dragon Destiny

My gosh, what a ride! This is the next and final installment in the first round (for now!). Was definitely worried for my fave children and dragons for a sec… but all was well in the end! I love these kids and their dragons: they’re so much fun and they work so well together. I think these books just continue to be absolute brilliance. Here, you’ve got a new, mystical dragon, kids finding their powers and the true power of friendship and trust


I can not endorse this series enough for a KS2 class – probably Y4 up. These would all make amazing read alouds, or some wonderful inspiration for writing!

A massive well done to Katie and Kevin for this series so far – a proper victory and I can not wait to see what comes next from this series!!

S x

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