Monday mini reviews: graphic novel marvels!

Good morning everyone!

I am here with some more graphic novels that I’ve read in the past few months – these reviews are WELL LATE (sorry about that!). My kids (and my partner and I) are still totally loving graphic novels, and I’m more than happy to get some more, read some more and share with them… because then we all win ha!


Agent Moose: Moose on a Mission – Mo O’Hara and Jess Bradley

There’s big news in the Big Forest! The circus is in town, Granny Moose is coming to visit, and a mysterious robber is on the loose. When Agent Moose learns that someone is putting the squeeze on innocent animals, he and Owlfred rush to investigate, with Granny along for the ride! Can they solve this mystery before any more animals face the big squeeze?

I am a massive fan of graphic novels, so when the brilliant humans of Scholastic asked me if I wanted a copy of Agent Moose, I jumped at the chance! This was a total delightful surprise! When the animals of the woods start having precious things stolen from them, it’s up to Agent Moose and his pals to solve the mystery! This is loads of fun – it is fitting right in in my graphic novel box in my classroom! My kids are forever asking me when there’s going to be more… so I best keep my eyes peeled!

Alcatoe and the Turnip Child – Isaac Lenkiewicz

Welcome to Plum Woods, where spells come alive and witches gather for the Annual Harvest Festival to celebrate the season! Alcatoe the town witch and the local children of Plum Woods are up to some witchy business…like casting spells and growing a prize-winning turnip. But after their grouchy neighbour Mr. Pokeweed chases them out of his garden, the kids decide to take action and ask Alacatoe for help to win the Annual Harvest Festival Vegetable Pageant. From cursed fruit salad to potions filled with the sneeze of a donkey and the tail hair of a copy cat, Alcatoe knows all the right ingredients to make the magic happen. But when their prize-winning vegetable comes alive, their home-grown food soon becomes a friend, in danger of being prepared for the feast. Will they save Turnip Child in time?

This was another one that I jumped at the chance to read and review from the brilliant humans of Flying Eye Books. I couldn’t refuse it – just look at that cover! I read this (and I think my wonderful fiancee did too!) and we both agreed it is so cute. This was the most perfect Halloween read. A spell gone wrong; a witch who keeps to herself; a town that doesn’t get along. These illustrations by Isaac are honestly just gorgeous – I’d share all of the spreads if I could! I’d love to know more about Alcatoe! This has gone down so well with the chunk of my class who have read it!

The Adventures of Team Pom: The Last Dodo by Isabel Roxas

It’s the summer break in Shadyside, Queens, and Team Pom’s investigation into the mysterious organization called C.A.O.S, and its sinister boss Steve, have hit a dead end. Seeking a bit of inspiration, Roberta, Ruby and Agnes head to the Natural History Museum to spend time with Ruby’s aunt, a de-extinction biologist in training who’s just stumbled upon a precious sample of Dodo remains. But C.A.O.S. lurks in the shadows with Dodo schemes of their own! Can Team Pom foil Steve’s plans in time to save the entire city? Can peanut butter really fight evil? Or is New York City finally going to the birds?

I absolutely loved the first in this series (and it’s SUPER popular at school: – so much so I’ve had to buy a second copy). I knew I needed to get my hands on this. The new Team Pom book was the perfect antidote for some night time demons. This brought chuckles aplenty! You can always rely on the team to save the day… and for there to be some fiendishly funny dangers! Dodos, antidotes and mystery solving! Brilliant! As ever, gorgeously illustrated too. Hope there’s more of these to come too! We really want a book 3!


A massive thanks to Scholastic and to Flying Eye for sending me these books – they’ve all since found very happy lives in my classroom and are loved by many many readers!

And that’s it for today! I’ve had a productive graphic novel reading year so far, so I’m sure I’ll be back with some more graphic novel mini reviews in the next week or so! I would love some recommendations though…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you have any recommendations for graphic novels for me to buy that would work for my Y6s, I’d love to hear them!

S x

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