ThursTAG: The bookish questions tag!

Good morning one and all

How are you all this fine ThursTAG?

I’m here today with some bookish questions – this is a tag I stole from someone ages ago that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while. If this is your tag, let me know!


Genre I stay away from?

I don’t read a lot of romance tbh – if there’s romance in my books that’s mint… but I won’t choose a book BECAUSE it’s a romance.

Worst habit as a reader?

LOL. Buying loads of books and not reading? I dunno… isn’t that every bookworm’s worst habit?

Do I read the synopsis?

Kind of? I tend to have an awareness of a book/what it’s about, but unless I’m buying cold, I won’t seek out a synopsis.

Do I read used books?

YES. A lot of the books I buy for my classroom are used! I can’t afford to buy brand new books all the time.

Favourite book from last year?

OH LORDY. How about I just refuse to answer?

Favourite classic?

I don’t really do classics – I’m sure if you’re a long time reader of this here blog, you know this about me – but I’d go like Charlotte’s Web or Matilda (cause I’m predictable if nothing else)

Book I always recommend?

Melinda Salisbury. Maz Evans. Katie/Kevin Tsang. Sara Barnard. Laura Steven. Neal Shusterman. Always. Forever and a day. (There are definitely more… it’s 1am, I am tired, ha)

Current read?

At the time of writing this? The Lost Girl King by Catherine Doyle – very excited to be reading this. Love Catherine’s other books!

Books I’m looking forward to reading?

Oh gosh. All of them. I love all the books.

Books I’m ashamed of not reading yet?

I don’t think I’m “ashamed” of not reading anything. I’m very much a mood reader, so I’ll read what I’m in the mood to read, so therefore if I’m not in the mood to read one of your well-known/hyped books, well so be it (there’s definitely one book that EVERYONE else has read that I still haven’t, and if you’ve been around here at ThursTAG long enough you’ll know what I mean… and no I still haven’t read it and have no real urge to either!)


Thank you so much for stopping by once again to ThursTAG. If you’d like to have a go at this, please do! I stole it from someone else… I’m sorry I don’t remember who!

See you all soon!

S x

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