S4S – Ideal bookish holidays

Good morning #SixforSunday‘ers!

How are you all this fine (I hope) Sunday morning?

It’s lovely being back in the swing of things and blogging again – even though as I lie here, it is 00:07 and I should definitely be in bed… but that’s what the Summer holidays does to me I guess!

We’re here again for another of August’s prompts (see below) and it’s one that I found TOUGH to whittle down!

August – Summer holiday fun
7th: Yellow covers
14th: Settings you’d love to go on holiday
21st: Characters who would be great fun at the beach
28th: Books that scream ‘Summer’ to you

So today we’re talking…

Settings you’d love to go on holiday

This was a tough one cause there’s loads of places, particularly fantasy, I’d love to visit… but as there’s yknow bad guys and monsters, I kinda changed my mind a bit, ha!

Some fictional, some based in real life, some surprises… but all of these would be cool to visit – either because I’d love to experience magic, or because I’d actually like to visit!

Thank you so much for stopping by for my #SixforSunday post- I can’t wait to see where you guys want to go on holiday!

See you next week for ‘Characters who would be great fun at the beach’

S x

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