ThursTAG: The afternoon tea book tag

Good morning,

It is your friend ThursTAG once again and we’re here with another tag: the Afternoon Tea Blog tag. I found this on my friend Amy’s blog (if you wanna check out her post, you’ll find it here!)


Finger Sandwiches: A Book You Savoured Every Minute Of

Oh gosh, I feel like this about LOADS of books to be honest – I am a greedy, all-consuming book reader. Looking at my recent reads, the most recent book that totally consumed me was The Society for Soulless Girls by Laura Steven: an absolute winner of a book that EVERYONE needs to read!

Scones: A Book Everyone Should Own

LOL. That’s the HARDEST question because there are SO MANY. Although, not sorry at all… I think everyone needs to own something written by Melinda Salisbury because she is JUST incredible.

Biscuits: A Book that Can be Finished in One Sitting

As it’s the summer holidays, I tend to finish LOTS of books in one sitting, so one that I finished recently in one sitting? Leila and the Blue Fox by Kiran Milwood-Hargrave and Tom deFreston: gorgeous, heart-breaking and just enchanting.

Patisserie: A Book that is Light and Easy to Read

I think these books are so important because not every book can be INTENSE and HARD. A book that recently brought me a lot of light and joy? Bad Panda: the Cake Escape by Swapna Haddow: loads of fun and made me chuckle away!

Showstopper: A Book that Blew You Away

I could honestly answer SO MANY books for this… I love getting into a world and proper just being taken away by it. If I’m not allowed to repeat my answers, then I’ll go Sade and her Shadow Beasts by Rachel Faturoti: heart-breaking and beautiful.

Tea: A Heart-warming Classic

Honestly, my only ever answer for this is Matilda… cause obviously.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I had lots of fun writing it.

See you all soon!

S x

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