What I’ve been watching #5

What started as a one off post has definitely turned into a series on my blog.

I’ve posted a few of these now and have been totally surprised by how popular the posts were! Who knew you guys would be so invested in the films that I’d been watching? Luckily, my girlfriend, the film-lover in my life, and I go to the cinema all the time (so prepare yourself for one of these more and more often ha).



Well, that was a ride! I bloody love the Thor films… he might be one of my fave Marvel characters (it changes regularly between Cap, Iron Man, Strange and Thor). It made me laugh, it gave me a fright; it made me cry (so so many tears). I was crying within the first 5 minutes! That opening baffled me at first, but what a powerful opening. Loved him as the villain (although, could I for all that is right remember who the actor was? Ha) – definitely had like a bit of a dilemma whether I was behind him or not. Thor’s growth in the film was just delectable. All the set ups and the pay offs were just gorgeous. Chris H naked was also not the worst thing I’ve ever seen! I could ramble on, but I just loved it. Taika is very quickly becoming someone in the film world I just adore. This film was GORGEOUS (the bits with colour in the colourless place were the chefs kiss in particular). Just aye. Everyone should see this.


I am a massive fan of the old Minion films, so I was DESTINED to go see this… and I proper loved it! This made me chuckle loads. I loved the nods to the other films and seeing all the characters as their younger selves (in my brain I was going “eeh that’s him from the bank” and so on). I laughed a lot and was even shocked so much I jumped at one point haha. I loved the messages about finding your tribe (definitely teared up at the end!!). Could happily watch these films over and over. 

Where The Crawdads Sing

Despite the random fire alarm and consequent film silence of 10 mins, I thoroughly enjoyed this. It properly broke me at one point. Thought it looked beautiful and the story was interesting. The ending had me SHOOKETH – OF COURSE IT WAS. Would recommend this to everyone. I haven’t read the book yet… but I think I will pick it up now because I’ve heard that it is amazing!


If you’d like more film reviews, let me know!

Have you seen any of these?
Are you a big film buff?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

S x

One thought on “What I’ve been watching #5

  1. Janette says:

    I’ve been very wary of Crawdads as I loved the book but heard that the film was very different. I’m still not sure whether to go and see it or not. I definitely want to see Thor though.


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