Mia and the Lightcasters: a world of dark and light that will grip you from the start

I was lucky enough to read this book a while ago and honestly, it has stayed with me since I read it! This is jam packed full of incredible action, some brilliant characters and a whole load of intrigue!

Mia tells the tale of gorgeous little Mia: a young girl who dreamed of being an umbra tamer (the umbra are the shadow creatures of this world and this whole premise of shadow creatures both freaked me out and thrilled me). When she’s younger, she goes to the Nightmare Plains and this leaves her in bits – she has an experience which she just doesn’t think she can get over. This changed her whole perception of being an umbra tamer.

Mia’s home is in serious danger – there’s a suffocating darkness taking over – and it’s up to her… and her brilliant group of friends to try and save the day. Mia needs to find her confidence, work with her fears to try and save the one place she’s only ever lived and the people she loves most.

There’s a brilliant relationship between Mia and one of her friends. You see an interesting dynamic between two people who used to be friends… and when one of them changes, what happens to a friendship that looks like it’s set in stone. Mia’s little brother was such a genius addition to the story – he brought much needed light at times where it seemed impenetrable darkness.

As I said earlier, the whole premise of the presence of the umbra fascinated me. They’re fascinating and wild creatures; they terrified me and brought me much intrigue. Kids will love them as both villains and heroes. The way in which they are “tamed” brought me great joy.

I loved the premise also of the “light”. This is such a symbolic representation of so many different things – love, honesty, truth, freedom, power. Mia needs to find her light to manage to overcome so much.

Having had this in my class library, I will tell you it is SO popular with my Y6s. I can’t wait for my new gaggle of kids to discover Mia. This would make an amazing readaloud too – a magical world which will grip and fascinate all who read!

My Goodreads review:

I’ve just finished this… and I blooming loved it! Mia And The Lightcasters proper enamoured me! I love the magic and the world. The importance of light and dark. I loved the chat about family. Lucas has my heart. The relationship between Mia and Miles is wonderful. I know so many kids who are going to ADORE this! Magic, secrets, friendship, a mysterious queen and a world filled with darkness.

Thank you to Faber Children’s for inviting me to be a part of the blog tour. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the stops on the blog tour!

S x

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