S4S – Fave books by Black authors

Good afternoon #SixforSunday’ers!

How are you all today? Are you ready for another month of #SixforSunday prompts! Don’t forget if you missed my announcement post about the prompts for October, November and December, you can find them on the #SixforSunday tab on my menu!

In October, as it is Black History Month here in the UK, we are going to celebrate diverse voices because it matters so much. Here’s a reminder of the prompts for October!

October – Celebrating diverse voices (Black History Month UK)

3 – favourite books by Black authors
10 – favourite Black characters
17 – stories which celebrate Black voices
24 – books by Black authors I want to read
31 – Recommended reads by Black authors

So… let’s get on with this week’s prompt!

Favourite books by Black authors

I’ve gone for UK Black authors, but I must also give a shout out to Jason Reynolds who just releases book after book of absolute brilliance.

I think it is crucial that the books we read, share and celebrate are books which show the diversity of the world which we live in. Books should be mirrors and windows for all of us – if we only read within our own experiences, we will never learn about the experiences of others… and what kind of world would that be?

Thanks so much for stopping by! I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts for #SixforSunday!

See you next week!

S x

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