FREE RESOURCE: Maths calendars: Redo October

Good morning everyone!

When we went into lockdown, I started making Maths calendars to share with everyone and now that we’re starting a new academic year, I was thinking about how to change them so that people could still use them and they’re still appropriate for all year groups. The problem I ran into was that they were based on key stage phases, rather than year group specific. I didn’t want to undo all the hard work that I’d done and I didn’t want to get rid of it… so what I’ve done instead is:

As I explained last month, there is now 2 documents per phase per month (sheet A and B). This will mean that Y5 can do sheet A and Y6 can do sheet B.. then when they move up, there’s a sheet in their phase they won’t have done. I’ve got rid of days of the week, but there’s still a Q a day for every day of the month.

The questions on both sheets are the same content, but there are changes in numbers/functions for example. I’m only going to do the ones that I have already, so for example in October, I only have UKS2 and LKS2 versions, so that’s all I have to share today!

I hope this all makes sense! I’ve only done them in black and white, but if you are desperate for a copy to make colourful, just send me an email/DM me on twitter and I’ll email the word documents over.

Upper Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage 2

As always, I’d love to know if this is any use to you! You can leave me a comment, you can get in touch via the Contact tab at the top or you can tweet/DM me (if you follow me on social media!).

Feel free to download, share with parents, put on your websites or use them to support you in your classrooms! Please don’t put this on any websites claiming them as your own – a little credit (either of my blog, my twitter @eenalol or my instagram @thisgeordieteaches) goes a long long way! A few people claimed them as their own in the past and it makes me a bit upset. I don’t charge for these; I’m not making any money from them; I’m sharing because I know that people have found them useful. These really are a labour of love for me… so if you do download and share on your social media (which I really do appreciate), please please just give credit. Please spread the love and share this as far and as wide as you wish!

S x

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