Hello everyone!

Welcome to the final few months of prompts for #SixforSunday. As I’ve said a few times, I can’t quite believe that other people are joining in with this silly little prompt I make on my blog. This was something I started for myself back in 2017 (4 years ago?!) and it’s just kind of stuck. I’m so very glad that other people love it too! I’m very grateful for each and every one of you who does find the time to join in, even if it’s just every once and a while. I love doing #SixforSunday with all of my heart. It’s a very fun little thing I do once a week (I mean some times it’s not fun because it’s hard) and I LOVE reading your responses! 


#SixforSunday is… it’s really just that. You choose 6 books (normally) that you’d choose to fit whatever the prompt is that week. If we get to a week and you’re not feeling that prompt, there’s a whole host of other prompts you can do from 2019, but equally you can choose your own prompt! Share using #SixforSunday on twitter or instagram or wherever really (make sure you tag me in if you want me to see your post)! You can join in every week, or just join in when you fancy it! 

Here are the prompts for October, November and December.

October – Celebrating diverse voices (Black History Month UK)

3 – favourite books by Black authors
10 – favourite Black characters
17 – stories which celebrate Black voices
24 – books by Black authors I want to read
31 – Recommended reads by Black authors

November – Ooky spooky bookys

7 – Orange books
14 – Books that scared you
21 – Favourite spooky books
28 – Books I’m too scared to read

December – Christmas wishes

5 – Red/Green books
12 – Dream collaborations
19 – Books you wish for under your Christmas tree
26 – Favourite books of 2021

And there you have it! Your prompts for the final quarter of 2021! If you ever don’t want to do one of the prompts, please do your own! It doesn’t have to be related to what I’m doing!

If you have any questions or any ideas for prompts for next year, let me know! I’d love your input! 

Thank you again for making #SixforSunday one of those things that stuck. You’re all amazing! 

S x 


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