What we’re reading: September


How are you all?

Today, I thought I would share some of the books my class are reading… cause they’re all reading some absolute corkers and I’m so impressed that they’re embracing the range of books that are available to them!

Starting this academic year, I really wanted to get my kids excited about books and about reading. I’m such an advocate for reading for pleasure that I want my kids to know that they can enjoy reading and that it doesn’t always have to be something they’re tested on… they just get to enjoy what they’re reading.

The children have free access to my reading area/library (full of books that I am sent from publishers, books I bought myself) and once a week we can go down to the library (if there’s nothing that takes their fancy in my library). We have reading time every day after lunch – usually 15-20 minutes and they just lap it up!

I’ve been DELIGHTED with the range of books they’re reading. A lot of the children are on book 2 or 3 so far this year with me encouraging them to read a mix of novels and graphic novels. There’s all sorts of representation in these books. There’s stories these children might never have come across. There’s such a lovely mix of genres and interests here. There’s fiction and non-fiction. They’re just lapping up all of the books and it makes my heart so happy.

I always want my classroom to be a classroom full of books and joy for reading. I’m a big believer in the power of the right book. There’s literally 100s of books in my classroom… just all over, but I wouldn’t personally have it any other way.

Our first unit of writing was based around Quest by Aaron Becker, which they are absolutely adoring! They did Return in Year 5 and revisiting this world with the girl and the boy has been wonderful.

Our whole class reading text this half term is Vi Spy and they are INTO IT.

I could continue rambling on about books for hours. It is completely and utterly one of the biggest passions I have in life. I am a firm believer in the power of reading for pleasure, but I won’t ramble on (if you’d like me to, then by all means let me know in the comments because that’s something I can talk about for words and words… it’s what I did my dissertation on!)

Speak soon,

S x

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