August in books

Good morning everyone! 

It’s finally time to share what I read in August. As we all know, the Summer holidays is the best of times to read and I always get through so so many books… and this year was no different! I read a massive chunk of kids books and they all made my heart so very happy!


Hurrah for the Summer holidays!

Kids’ books

As you can see, there’s a whole host of wonderful kids books in this pile – however, as I could’ve imagined, a WHOLE CHUNK of them are fantasy books… the best books in my opinion! So many amazing sequels, new books, books by authors I love! Just an amazing array!

Graphic novels

Yep – I still love graphic novels, but my supply has slowed down recently (boo for having to wait for second hand books), but these 3 are brilliant!

YA books

I really loved being back in YA world for these two (Agnes isn’t DEFINITELY a YA book, but it’s not an ‘adult’ book either). I love YA books so much and these two were just brilliant!

2021 BOOKS READ: 132/104

And that’s about it for this month!

What did you read in August?
What was your favourite read in August?
What are your reading aims for 2021?

Talk to me in the comments, or shout at me on Twitter! I’d love to talk and know what’s worth reading! Reviews for all of these will be up soon!

S x

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