August happy things

Every now and again I like to spend some time reflecting on the happy things in life… and now that the Summer holidays is coming to a close, this is the perfect time!

Getting out and about. Running all over. Having time with the world. Getting up when I choose. Going to bed when I want. Drag Race. The Olympics being everywhere. Waking up in the middle of the night and having something to watch. Team GB being brilliant. Beach walks with my bestest friend. People listening to me rant. The sunshine. Runs along the quayside. The rain pelting down and just walking through it while everyone hides away. The beauty of the quayside.

Spending time with the people that I love most. Laughing a lot. Going to the Manor and just chilling for a weekend. Running in the forest and realising that I’m so much better at running than I was a year ago. Making progress and celebrating it. Reading a tonne of books. Walking with my family and catching up with everyone. Seeing my twiglets and Joey. Watching my little people grow up.

Choosing when and how to be creative. Spending time creating resources that I love and that will be useful. Making resources that people think are useful. Postcards to my kids. Seeing pictures of my kids getting their postcards. Wonderful post from my last class to say thank you. Running into my kids and having a lovely chat. Knowing that I’m making a difference.

Books. Always books. Treats left on my desk from lovely colleagues. Bullet journaling. Being creative. Buying the things that I want. Treating myself to donuts after craving one for weeks. Reading books that aren’t out for weeks. Celebrating my friends’ books. Celebrating books by my favourite authors. Spending time reading. Spending all day just reading. Reading reading reading.

I’d love if you could leave one of your happy things in the comments, or on twitter! Let’s make a thread of positivity!

S x

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