ThursTAG: The Summer Bucket List

God morning ThursTAG peoples!

How are you all on this very day? Are you all well? What are you all reading? I am still enjoying the Summer holidays and it is glorious!

I’m here with the Summer Bucket List tag which has been sat in my drafts for a LONG time, so I have no idea who I stole this from hah! I am just embracing the summer-ness of it all while I still have the Summer with me!


Hit The Beach: A Book Set By The Sea

Malamander by Thomas H Taylor. This is a great series filled with adventure and fantasy. They’ve gone down so well with kids at school!

I’ll be honest, a lot of books popped into my head for this so maybe books by the sea are my jam?

Watch Fireworks – A Book That Had a Fiery Romance

Fiery? Oooh now what do you mean by that? Volatile? Sexual? Lots of arguments? I don’t really know what to say for this haha.

Go For A Road Trip – A Book That Involves a Journey

Ooh the first book that pops into my head is Destination Anywhere by Sara Barnard. This is like the ultimate journey – Peyton goes to Canada to get away from her life! It’s a GLORIOUS story and you need to read it if you haven’t yet!

Camp Under The Stars – A Book That Had You Starstruck

Starstruck? Gosh, I’ve got no idea haha.

Can I say the last book that I think made me feel like starstruck might make me feel? The Book of Stolen Dreams by David Farr. That books is exceptional and I can’t wait for you all to read it!

Marathon Some Movies – A Book You Couldn’t Put Down

I’ll be honest, I’m a marathon reader. I will read and read until tiredness takes over/I have to function as a member of society or until I finish, so this is a regular occurrence for me. Dragon City by Katie and Kevin Tsang was the last book I remember consuming me!

Go Out For Ice Cream – A Book With A Sweet Romance

Oh I love a canny romance in a book! As much as Felix Ever After is a very emotional rollercoaster, there’s a gorgeous romance in it!

Picnic In The Park – A Book That Was A Breath Of Fresh Air

I’ve just finished Ghostcloud by Michael Mann and I thought it was so original and so brilliant! I think a lot of teachers are going to take this into their hearts!

Go For A Hike – A Character Who Conquered An Obstacle

Isn’t that like every book?

Grill Some BBQ – A Book Featuring Delicious Food

Oooh. I do love a good book with food in it… I can not name one off the top of my head though!

Watch The Sunrise – A Book That Inspired You

I think you can’t get away from the fact that Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig is a brilliantly inspiring book.


And that’s it for now!

Hit me up with your recommendations for these prompts!

S x

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