Reading teachers? Look out for Reading Recharged

Reading Recharged: an invaluable book filled with incredible ideas for reading!

Reading Recharged includes a wide range of creative ideas, top tips and photocopiable activities for KS1 and KS2. The book is designed to spark a love of reading for pleasure alongside covering all seven reading skills from the National Curriculum (vocabulary, inference, summarising, predicting, commentating, author choice and retrieval).

I was incredibly lucky to be sent a copy of Reading Recharged by Al and having looked through it, I think this is one of those books that is SO FULL OF IDEAS that you could use it on the regular and not run out of activities!

Whether you do whole class reading or you do group guided reading, this is a book that you can use! It is jam packed full of ideas, grouped by the 7 comprehension skills which is perfect because it makes it easy to flick through and use!

There’s so much in this and Al starts at the beginning with a bit of a guide on how to teach whole class reading and guided reading (as a recent convert to whole class reading, it was really useful to read!). Then there’s these incredible pages (above) that show you the different SATs style questions asked in KS1 and in KS2. These reference guides by themselves are incredibly useful to teachers (especially like me who is in Y6 and probably facing the SATs for the first time next year haha). These question stems/examples are great starters because you can pretty much go anywhere with them!

Each activity comes with a photocopiable sheet and then instructions on how to use. I think something like this and activities like this are perfect to use in guided reading (or let’s be real, across the curriculum). I love that the guide (the how to) is split into ‘preparation‘ and ‘running the activity‘ to tell teachers what they need to do before the activity and then how to do it when in the lesson.

I honestly think this is an invaluable resource and it’s going to be incredible for so many teachers up and down the land!

Reading Recharged is out NOW – go get yourself a copy AND make sure you follow Al on Twitter (@MrB_Y3) because he shares so many incredible resources on there!

S x

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