May in books

Good morning!


May has been, gone and left us all in its wake. We are already well into June! The sun is shining (WOOHOO) and there is joy to be had! I continued to have a very productive May thanks to a half term holiday and honestly, it was what my brain needed!


I managed to get through so many because of the glorious half term holidays – woohoo! No doubt my June total will be less as there’s no holiday!



I had the utter joy of reading some brilliant MG novels in May. There’s something for everyone here – historical, fantasy, contemporary, funny, illustrated! This is a gloriously diverse range of books and honestly, each of them brought some joy to my heart for different reasons! I definitely think that Fireborn is going to be one that people need to watch out for in September – it is just incredible. I also need to give a massive shout out to Arctic Star because that I absolutely adored (as I do everything Tom writes!)


Yes, I’m still going with graphic novels haha. I’m not going as hard as I used to be, but I’m still finding new ones that I haven’t read obviously! I was INCREDIBLY lucky to be sent the new Miles Morales book from Scholastic and I just adored it – I can’t wait to take it into my classroom because my kids LOVE the Spiderman film with him, so I think this will go down so well. The Emmie and Friends series I’ve read almost all of them now (and thanks to Harper 360 I own almost all of them!) – these are definitely Y5/6+ books!


I know. I know. I NEVER read non-fiction so you’re as surprised as me to see this… however, this book matters. This book needs space in your life and your home/classroom/library. This book is so brilliant. The brilliant people of Faber sent it to me and I’ve already told about 15856 people they need to buy it! My full review of this book can be found here: BOOK BLOG: Jeffrey Boakye.

2021 BOOKS READ: 87/104

And that’s about it for this month!

What did you read in May?
What was your favourite read in May?
What are your reading aims for 2021?

Talk to me in the comments, or shout at me on Twitter! I’d love to talk and know what’s worth reading! Reviews for all of these will be up soon!

S x

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