Happy things…

Making positive phone calls home. Watching videos of cute cats. Emails from parents saying I’m doing a good job. Hilarious videos from friends. Watching videos of cute ducks. Listening to Trixie Mattel over and over again. Setting up my bullet journal. The Circle. Watching football on a Sunday while I do some blogging. Group chats with friends and family. Watching my gorgeous god children grow up. Listening to the rain. Running in the sunshine. Making plans for the future, for when I’m ready to be out and about in the world. Feeling organised. Frienship anniversaries. New friends, old friends. Feeling in control (for however short a time I feel). Having people in my life who appreciate the fact I’m not ready to embrace the world. Chocolate and jellies. Colouring in. Watching gymnastics. Starbucks Friday! My kids making me smile. Warm blankets. Positive feedback after tough weeks. Showing resilience in the face of struggles. Reconnecting with people from the past. Reading books on a morning,. Reading books at night. Reading to my kids. The fact my kids are LOVING Vi Spy. THE SUNSHINE. Reading books that aren’t my usual kind of book. Delicious food. Compliments. Feeling appreciated. Working hard and things paying off. Laughing with my mam. Texts from my brother. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally visiting Waterstones again. Books. Always books.

The past 2 weeks have been HARD for me, but I’m learning that it is important to find the good in every day – no matter how big or small.

I’d love if you could leave one of your happy things in the comments, or on twitter! Let’s make a thread of positivity!

S x

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