Half term joys

I love my job, but my god do I appreciate a holiday.

Seeing friends for the first time in months. Seeing family for the first time in months. Getting hugs for the first time in months. Reading. Running. Viperthon. The sunshine coming out. Longer days. Lighter nights. Sleeping pretty well. Releases of some brilliant books. Bookish events. Going to the beach. Having coffee with laughter. Lovely texts from friends. Bring productive on my own time. Getting out 4 times in a week for a run. Finally managing to run 5k again. Trixie Mattel (a true obsession right now). Journaling. Planning things for the future. Having friends who I can talk to honestly about the future. Celebrating one year of running! Surprise visits and surprise picnics with people I miss working with. Knowing I can go for a swim when/if I want. Having friends who accept that I’m not really up for all the frivolities of life. My COVID anxieties having a few days off. The Quayside. Feeling like I CAN do things. Thinking about the future. Being at the water. SATSUMAS BEING BACK IN THE WORLD. Videos from my friends. The kindness of strangers. Reading many books. Sunny runs. Books. Always books.

S x

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