Series crackdown: wrap up!

Good morning everyone!

Last week, I joined in the brilliant #SeriesCrackdown readathon. I was very lucky to be asked to be a host again by the brilliant Mel. I was hosting sprints, recommending books and just helping to keep the readathon ticking over!

As part of the readathon, there were 8 prompts to read books to fill.

Now, yes, I’m taking part in Viperthon, HOWEVER, I managed to make my Viperthon TBR work with this (mostly!). I just thought I’d share what I read and some very quick reviews with you all – full reviews/mini reviews of everything to come in the coming weeks!

A book about mental health: The Worries by Jion Sheibani

This is a great story that would be perfect to read with Y1-Y3. Sohal worries a lot (about everything from getting hurt to having no friends) and when his worries come to life, they only get bigger. When he realises he’s not the only one with worries and that talking is important, then things start to change. This is gorgeously illustrated throughout – I’m particularly fond of the illustrations of the worries themselves!

POC author AND Multiple POVs: All American Boys by Jason Reynolds

This is all kinds of important. This made me cry, told me a story which is all too familiar to some. The dual perspective was brilliantly done and there’s a certain sense of urgency in this. We need to do something about social injustice and we need to do it soon. There’s characters in this who just bring such light and hope in a really terrible situation. Clarissa is one of those.

This isn’t an easy read; it needs to be digested and mulled over. It’s a read that devoured me and made me cry, made me angry and made me hopeful for better. People aren’t all good, but people aren’t all bad. There’s a moment in this with a teacher that hit me hard. There’s a moment with Rashad’s dad that sent me over the edge. This book is powerful and its timely. It’s a story that shouldn’t be lived by many, but it is.

Children’s book: A Vanishing of Griffins by S.A.Patrick

My my, this was epic. Friendship, magic, songs, betrayal, clever plans and a battle. It was great to be back in this world: it’s so rich and wonderfully written. Patch is a wonderful protagonist and his wonderful group of friends, teachers and enemies make for brilliant reading. This shocked me, made me tear up and brought me joy! Properly good this! I loved that this started with a recap of book 1 too – more books need to do this!! There’s a twist towards the end that FLOORED ME, but man, clever!! This is a brilliant book for confident readers in Y5+ (absolutely no reason it couldn’t be a book for KS3!).

Featuring a key worker AND A book released a year ago: Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender

This is a wonderful story about trans identity, questioning who we are and accepting the love we deserve. Felix is going through a lot: figuring out his gender identity, desperately seeking someone to love when, at school, someone hangs pictures of him pre-transition and dead names him. There were bits in this that made me so angry, but I’m so glad that Felix has people around him who look out for him. I thought the scenes with his dad were particularly poignant. I definitely thought the texter was someone else! Definitely cried at the end.

LGBTQIA+: Mina and the Undead by Amy McCaw

This is all kinds of great! I gobbled through a whole load of this early this morning and I’ve just finished! Vampires, mythology and attractive Americans? Who needs more than that! This is full of brilliant characters, a wondrous story and man, do I wanna visit New Orleans now… although maybe without the vampires! I loved the twists and turns and the BEYTRAYAL. Properly enjoyed this!

Featuring communication technology: The Infinity Files by S.M.Wilson

If you’re after a badass young woman, a story set in space and a fascinating library of incredible artefacts, this is the story for you. This has got space battles aplenty, some brilliant friends and some true planet hopping going on. I loved the idea of jumping between planets to collect items for the Library and the idea of ‘Friends’ for the Guardians. Really liked that this had brilliant messages all about trusting your instincts, doing what’s right and believing in your friends (even when what they’re asking you seems absolutely ludicrous). Very curious about book 2! 

A few of these books COULD be used for other prompts (Felix is also LGBTQIA+ for example), but I tried to get as many books as I could in! Really chuffed with how many I read in the space of a week – thank the lord for half term, that’s what I say!

I’m not sure when the next readathon is, but it’s well worth giving Series Crackdown a follow on twitter (@SeriesCrackdown) to keep your eyes peeled!

Do you join in with readathons?
What have you read recently?
Have you read any of the books I’ve read?

Talk to me in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think!

S x

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