Week 1 joys

Smiles on faces as they walked through the door. Looks of joy being back in the classroom. Sharing of jokes. Breaktime games. Trying hard in PE. Creating a class set of positive affirmations. Being back with my gang. Working hard. Successes of my colleagues. Embracing change and my brain being OK with it. Morning cups of coffee. Watching Jumanji at breaktime. My kids being understanding when things go wrong. Reading books. Sharing books. Having books. Learning about what they’d been up to while they were “off”. Celebrating the work they did remotely. Heaing all about their favourite things they did when working remotely. Joking on. Seeing their joys at being accepted into their secondary schools. Getting lovely feedback about how we’re doing. Being back in my space again. Revamping displays. New short-burst writing activities that the kids just love. Honesty about feelings. Adapting well. Showing resilience. Watching a reluctant reader’s eyes just light up when they get a book they’ve been waiting for. Kids arguing about who gets to read a book next. Sleeping well. Being exhausted. My kids doing me proud when doing important jobs.

Honestly? Week 1 was exhausting and a LOT, but my kids were just brilliant. Did we have some challenges? Yes, but we got through them together.

Bring on the next few weeks!!

What were your week 1 joys?
What are you excited for in week 2?

S x

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