S4S – Books set around the world

Good morning everyone!

It’s Sunday once again, so you know what that means… it’s #SixforSunday once again! I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and it’s filled with sunshine and books!

Thank you so much to everyone who read/commented/shared their posts last week!

This week, we’re thinking about:

Books set elsewhere in the world

As we know, books set outside of the North East are PLENTIFUL, so I’ve tried to go for a range of books I’ve read recently that are set AROUND the world.

I THINK I’ve got a range of books ALL set in different places here! This was surprisingly easy… but I will say that an awful lot of my graphic novels are US based, ha!

I can’t wait to see the books you chose! Share your posts with me using the hashtag #SixforSunday and I’ll check them out!

See you next week for ‘Characters you think deserve a holiday’ (can I just put myself 6 times?)

S x

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