S4S – Books that made me cry

Good morning #SixforSunday crew!

How are you all today? I hope you are all doing well and have had a reading/relaxing-filled weekend!

It’s time for the final #SixforSunday prompt for February! The prompts for March are already in the #SixforSunday tab on the top of my blog (and the prompts for April, May and June are coming soon!) if you want to get ahead of yourself!

Today’s prompt was one that REALLY GOT ME…

Books that made you cry

Hello. My name is Steph and I FEEL a lot of emotions when I read. I cry at 90+% of books that I read. I just get engrossed and I am swept away with the emotions, so I genuinely could list 6000000000000000 books today, but I shan’t for those are not the rules!

Here are 6 books that made me cry, like proper UGLY cry.

As I say, I could give you hundreds of books, but these are the ones (as well as last week’s books) that stick in my mind for properly making me ugly cry!

Thank you for stopping by! I’d love to know which books made (or almost made) you cry! Remember to share your posts with me – I can’t wait to see the books (and possibly re-cry or add them to my list!)

See you next week for the first of our #SixforSunday March prompts: Books set in the country you live

S x

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