Happy times!

Reading a whole book in 2 sittings when you’ve been unable to concentrate on a book in ages. Christmas presents in the post. Wrapping (despite the fact I hate it) well co-ordinated presents. Watching Drag Race and cutting out. Voices of Fire. Being able to use something time and time again because it works. Watching films at lunch time with my kids. Watching my kids make amazing progress. Standing in the rain watching my kids play a massive game of tag. Having a laugh with my colleagues. Lying in bed listening to the rain fall and knowing that I don’t have to go out in it. Going for a long run and managing to run it after ages of not running! Advent calendars. Christmas festivities. The fact that 2020 is almost over. The vaccine. Having conversations with my kids about how they’re feeling and knowing they feel safe enough to be honest and open. DM chats with authors whose books I adore. New books. Taking a minute for myself. Learning to prioritise myself over everyone else. Sharing books with my kids and watching them fall in love with reading. Colouring in. Reading Letters from the Lighthouse with my kids and the amount of them who are gripped. Feeling like I’m making a difference. Meditating. being kinder to myself. Christmas songs. Hymns. SCARF TIMES. Counting down until the Christmas holidays. Knowing I’m trying my hardest to be the best teacher I can be. Learning to be kind to myself. Having a really good sleep. Getting book post. Medals in the post. Adding books to my TBR that I’m really excited about. Books, always books.

Share your happy things with me in the comments. They always make me smile!

S x

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