BLOG TOUR: Amy Wilson

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday so far! I know you are all in for an absolute treat today because one of my favourites is popping along today and sharing a blog post with us all – we are the luckiest! The gorgeous Amy Wilson is here today to share with us all about her writing space. This is the kind of content I love and I’m HERE FOR IT (I’m dead nebby, soz!).

Amy’s newest book, Owl and the Lost Boy, is out today and you guys are in for a total treat!

“Being stuck in an eternal summer is not fun. Especially when you’re Jack Frost’s daughter. Owl’s friend Alberic – who also happens to be the Earl of Autumn’s son – is missing. Determined to find him and end the long summer, Owl and her best friend Mallory embark on the adventure of a lifetime that will take them deep into the magical world of winter. But Alberic’s disappearance is shrouded in secret, and there’s more going on than meets the eye. And what does Owl’s mischievous father Jack Frost and his nemesis the Queen of May have to do with it?”

I was super lucky to get an early copy of Owl and the Lost Boy and I absolutely devoured it. It is such a wonderful book and it was lush to be back in the world where magic, the elements and power are so apparent. I absolutely adored the messages about friendship, believing in yourself and owning who you are in this. This world, these characters and the humanity of it just breathes such life into the world. Just gorgeous! So lovely to be back with Jack again too (I definitely have a little bit of a crush on him, ha!).


I have discovered over the last few years that I am a nomadic house-writer, which is to say that although I like to be home when I’m working, I don’t like to stay in one place. We don’t have the space for a dedicated office in our house, but I have begun to suspect that even if I had an office I’d still be wandering around downstairs, between the comfy seat in the front room and the kitchen table.

I have made myself various corners, and there is an old shed at the bottom of the garden that we emptied to use as an office during lockdown. I love to make these spaces, to put up pictures and arrange lamps, to make them welcoming. And then I don’t stay in them! The plan was that I would shut myself away in the shed while I worked on Owl and the Lost Boy, but I kept wandering back into the house, where it was warmer, and fuller, and so now my husband uses it and I continue my house-prowl.

I don’t actually like silence, I think. I like to hear the bustle of the street, to have the dogs pottering about, to hear the sounds of other people living around me. Even the hum of the fridge. When I do meetings, or virtual school visits, I use a corner in my front room where there are framed postcards of my books and a few other special things, and there is a desk in the house, but that’s mainly used by the kids. So the photo I’ve taken today is where I’ll be found more commonly – in the kitchen, looking out to the beautiful trees in the garden, and my favourite wallpaper, with some coffee, and my notebook.


A massive thank you to Amy for this brilliant blog piece! I love learning more about authors and their writing habits. Thanks too to the publishers, Macmillan, for the early copy of this book and for the chance to be on the blog tour! I can’t wait for everyone to read this book!

Check out the rest of the blog tour below!

S x

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