S4S – Characters I’d be scared to meet…

Good morning everyone!

Thank you so much for joining in with and reading my #SixforSunday posts! You’re all such legends! Your posts last week made me smile loads and it was so lovely to see how passionate you all are about your favourite authors and characters, haha!

This week, we’re going a slightly different route with our prompt. This week, we’re thinking:

Characters I’d be scared to meet

Now, this is a strange one because I don’t read a lot of scary books… but I have characters I’d definitely be intimidated to meet ha! So those are more of the ones I’ve gone for!

  1. Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows)
    He’s like a demi-god in my head. I just adore him. But imagine meeting him? EVERYONE knows who he is.
  2. Luvian Fen (State of Sorrow)
    Purely because I fancy him so much haha!
  3. Vespus Corrigan (State of Sorrow)
    Now here’s one I’d be genuinely terrified to meet. He’s HORRID.
  4. The Doctor/Headmaster (The Ash House)
    He was just the wrong end of a little bit scary for me… so no thanks kind sir.
  5. The Grand High Witch (The Witches)
    I think this is one that I’ve thought since I was a CHILD haha. She terrified me as a child, and even now as an adult… no thanks.
  6. Madame Pinchbeck (The Vanishing Trick)
    Another one who is that terrifying kind of ominous. No sir. Not for me

That list did NOT go the way I thought it would for this week’s #SixforSunday post haha! Most of them are intimidating adults in children’s books… seems accurate to my reading tastes haha!

Don’t forget to link me, or @ me on twitter! I’d love to read who you would all be afraid to meet… I wonder if any of us have any people in common!

See you next week for #SixforSunday does ‘Books that gave you feels’ (a prompt VERY open to interpretation!)

S x

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