S4S – Brave MCs

Morning #SixforSunday friends!

I hope you are all well and having a blast revisiting some of your favourite characters for this month’s prompts for #SixforSunday! I know I am… I LOVE a character (so so much). Thanks so much for joining in and linking me to your posts over the past few weeks… it’s been so gorgeous to see the amount of people posting on a Sunday – you guys are lush!

This week, we’re going in and looking at something that could be interpreted LOADS of different ways and I can’t wait to see how you guys are interpreting:

Brave main characters

This, like last week, is something that I could’ve included a PLETHORA of characters in, but I ended up whittling it down… after many struggles!

  1. Joelle – Mohinder’s War
    I think she had some big decisions to make and faced some pretty horrifying things and she just kept plodding on.
  2. Harley – Harley in the Sky
    Now, this is a HARD ONE because Harley does a lot that I don’t agree with, but the fact she followed her dreams is something that I think is brave!
  3. Olia – Castle of Tangled Magic
    I say her because when I was writing this list, I’d just finished this book, but I think ANY child in MG who goes after something that’s potentially dangerous to save themselves/their families/the world/anything deserves the ‘brave’ title!
  4. Peyton – Destination Anywhere
    You will NEVER find me just scooting off and running away to Canada. Not now that I’m 31, especially not when I was 17/18. I have an awful lot of love for Peyton and that’s just one of the reasons!
  5. Alva – Hold Back the Tide
    She lives with a murderer… need I say more? (And in the same book, Ren. Because that ENDING).
  6. Ichiro – The Last Paper Crane
    This is one of those books that has emotionally stuck with me since I read it (in January) and he’s a character who goes through AN AWFUL LOT and just keeps plodding on. He’s got a deep deep sadness in him and he just keeps going. That’s way more brave to me than a soldier in a war.

Remember I love to read your posts! Share them in the comments, or share them on twitter using the hashtag #SixforSunday and I’ll give them a read!

Come back next week for more #SixforSunday joy when we’ll be celebrating ‘Devious main characters’!

S x

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