BLOG TOUR: Rashmi Sirdeshpand

Dosh: a comprehensive look at all things money!

“Having some dosh in your pocket can be really exciting. And when it’s used as a force for good, those pennies have the power to change the world. But managing money can seem daunting, especially in uncertain times. This book is here to build your confidence, transform you into a money expert and look toward the future.”

We all know that learning about money can be a bit of confusing thing and as Brits, we stereotypically don’t tend to talk about money a lot. We also know that kids learn best when they have a tool for themselves that they can explore and then talk about with their parents/teachers/whoever, and what Dosh is is just that: this is an incredible tool for children to teach them all about money: what it is, why it matters, how to make more of it and what to do with it when you do. It is a great guide to get children thinking about money, asking questions about money and really considering what it is outside of how much they want/have. It is a great tool for opening that conversation up and teaching children about the many different uses of money.

This is book brilliantly done and something that I think all houses, classrooms, libraries will benefit from having! As an adult, there’s definitely things I don’t know much about because of my own disinterest, and it’s been a great thing to learn from (the stock market for example… not my kettle of fish, but reading about it was pretty damn interesting!). With it’s simple to follow contents, kids can jump in and out of the different areas of money with ease. This book is written incredibly well: it doesn’t overly simplify things, it’s written with a brilliant, educational yet fun tone.

After each chapter comes this ‘In A Nutshell’ section and I think they’re a genius addition. They’re concise and well structured summaries of the chapter. I love a good summary and I think these are a great way to round off chapters. These could be the greatest tool for adults and children’s conversations (and great for adults to see at a glance what each chapter has been about!).

From advice on setting up a business, to how to budget properly, there’s something in here for everyone (as I say, including the adults). I think this book will be a massive hit with teachers, kids, parents and everyone in between. Not only is this book comprehensive in its words, but the illustrations are wonderful too – the illustrations are done by Adam Hayes and I think they’re brilliant: they don’t take away from the brilliant words, rather they add to the already brilliant book this is! I’m very partial to a gorgeous colour palette and this book has one for sure: love the greens and greys!

From talk about money for life, to giving money and saving money, this book will be a brilliant tool to have around – I certainly wish I’d had it when I was younger! If you’re looking for a book about money (I don’t know of many others) that gets straight to it, but is brilliantly done, you needn’t look any further!

A massive thank you to the publishers Wrenand Rook for sending me a copy of this book and for inviting me to be on the blog tour. I can’t wait for everyone to pick up this book, put it in their classrooms and homes and see the next generation of money-savvy people flourish!

If you fancy seeing the rest of the blog tour, why not check out the rest of the blog tour? I kicked it off today, but there’s a lot more in store!

S x

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