BOOK BLOG: Fashion Conscious

Fashion Conscious: a brilliantly illustrated look at fashion and the things we can do to help!

“With the Covid-19 global lockdown and a call to action from David Attenborough in Blue Planet II making everyone re-evaluate the relationship they have with the natural world, it has never been so important to consider the impact our clothing choices have on the planet. Shake up the fashion world by taking action as conscious consumers and active citizens. We have the power to collectively change the world with a change of clothes!”

Fashion Conscious is a brilliant new handbook for teenagers all about how to be sustainable with their fashion. This book is JAM PACKED with tips, hints, questions, answers and infographics that will educate not just teenagers (I certainly learned a lot) all about fashion and how the choices we make about our fashion is helping, or hurting, the planet.

Just looking at that contents page, it’s clear to see that this book is JAMMED TO THE BRIM with goodness about how to make better choices about your fashion choices, how to use the things you have better, and what to do when you do need to make a change. I love a good bit of non-fiction that is so thorough and so well done. I’ve found myself nipping in and out of different parts of this book since I received it and it’s so brilliantly done that I think I will continue learning something new every time I open this book. Whether you’re looking for advice on materials, how to upcycle your looks or what to do for the best for the world, this book has it all!

This book is BLOODY GORGEOUS to look at. The illustrations by Kim Hankinson are INCREDIBLY well done. There’s this grey, neon orange and black colour palette all the way through and it’s just gorgeous. I’m a big fan of an illustrated book because I think they’re just a bit more user friendly and I think the illustrations in this are spot on. The page designs and all of the different illustrations throughout are gorgeous… plus THOSE END PAGES.

There are some bloody brilliant double spreads in this book – these are just 3 examples of the ways in which this book delivers incredible information in appealing and informative ways. I love the way that it delivers information in bitesize chunks, not just paragraphs and paragraphs of text.

Another of the brilliant things about this book is the resources it points people to! There’s a list of useful websites in the back (I always think this kind of thing adds so much to non-fiction books because you inevitably have questions and want to know more when you read a non-fiction book!) and a list of principles for being more eco-conscious when thinking about your fashion. I know that I certainly need to be a bit more conscious when I’m buying, and this book has made me think twice about two or three things in my world!

This is a brilliantly done book filled with tips, tricks and things to think about. I think if you know someone who is trying to be more eco-conscious, or is passionate about being more friendly to the world, this will be brilliant for them! Or even if you’re trying to make a small change in the world. This is filled with ways for us all to be more conscious in the world of fashion – which can be a MASSIVE place where there is WASTE aplenty!

A massive thank you to the publishers, Egmont, for asking me to kick off the blog tour for this brilliant book! I am honoured and I’m off now to keep reading, learning and seeing what I can do to help the world! You can check out the rest of the stops on the blog tour in the coming days.

S x

One thought on “BOOK BLOG: Fashion Conscious

  1. ari says:

    This book looks really well-designed. It definitely catches the eye. I know I need to make better, conscious decisions about the clothes I buy, and I’m glad there’re resources like this one out there to help the younger generations.


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