BOOK BLOG: Nathan Bryon/Dapo Adeola

Clean Up: a GORGEOUS story about the importance of looking after our world!


“When Rocket goes for a holiday to visit her grandparents, she’s shocked by the pollution that is spoiling their island home and putting the local sea life at risk. Can she think of a way to save the day?”

Clean Up is the second book of this brilliant duo of Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola (their first collaboration was Look Up) with gorgeous Rocket back and doing what she does best, changing the world and doing the right thing. 

In Clean Up, Rocket and her family go to visit their grandparents and when they get to the beach, Rocket sees that the beach is OVERRUN with rubbish. She feels really sad about this and knows that she needs to do something about it. When she realises that she is only one person, and needs more recruits in her mission to clean up the beach, she persuades everyone else to help her with the beach tidy!

I ABSOLUTELY loved this book. It’s one of those magical books that comes along every now and again and does everything I want it to. It’s a gorgeous story for a starters. It’s got a wonderful main character. I think Rocket is an absolutely brilliant main character: she’s kind, she thinks about other people, she’s a little activist! Her family are gorgeous too – they get on board with her mission. 

The illustrations by Dapo are just incredible. There’s so much detail in all of the pages that you can easily get lost in them spotting things here, there and everywhere. I think the magic of these books is in the illustrations: they add so much to the story, without taking away from the story. I love Dapo’s drawings so much I bought one of his prints (why yes, I did buy the one of Rocket reading… obv. If you want to get yourself one, check out Dapo’s twitter). We all love a picture book that is beautifully illustrated!

I think this story will go down an absolute treat with classes of all ages. It’s a story that shows we can ALL make a difference. We can all help. It’s a gorgeous story all about the importance of looking after our beaches, the world and each other. We can all help by making a small change! We don’t have to do a MASSIVE thing. I will definitely be getting hold of another copy for school. Yes for diverse main characters AND brilliant, empowering messages for kids about the world! 

Clean Up is out now! Go get yourself a copy (and get a copy of Look Up while you’re at it!)

Have you read Clean Up?
Have you got any recommendations of books similar to this?

Thanks for stopping by today! Remember to look after the world! 

S x 

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