S4S – GIMME MORE… the tropes I want more of!

Good morning everyone!

How are you all on this fine Sunday morning (she guesses)? What have you been up to this week? It’s been my first week of the Summer holidays and I have had a lovely week of reading and relaxing – is there a finer way to spend a week?!

Today is another #SixforSunday does tropes, the FINAL tropetastic #SixforSunday post, and guys I’m excited for this one! This week, we are talking:

Tropes we want more of

So, unlike last week, where we talked about what we want less of, we’re talking about what we want MORE of… the ones we love and can’t get enough of… or the ones we don’t see much of and want to get more of the spotlight!

    Give me more good teachers in YA novels please. Please?
  2. Cute going on dates and just chilling couples
    I bloody love a bit of cute shipping… more of that please. I don’t need the sex.
  3. Normalised gay family members/family make ups
    PLEASE. Now this I’d like particularly in kids books because YA is getting better, but it’s still not as widely written in kids books
  4. Platonic friendships between girls and boys
    Please… I grew up with so many male friends and not all of them were because we fancied each other.
    God yes please. I love these.
  6. Supportive parents/parental figures
    I need more of these. We get lots of absent/dead parents, and then we get a lot of unsupportive parents, where are all of the parents who are supportive of your career choice/uni choice/sexuality/other choices?
    My brother is one of my best friends and I LIVE for a good brother/sister/sibling relationship and I don’t always get it. I see MORE of warring siblings than I see of supportive. Get on that thanks.

Right. Sorry, I’m done ranting haha!

I would love to know your thoughts on my list and I’d love to see your list. If you can recommend me any books that fit my want list, I’ll happily accept them because I need more recommendations for these things (especially if they’re 1, 3 or 6).

There WILL be a #SixforSunday chat tonight, so I’d love to see you all there at 6pm BST. There will be a giveaway too! Double exciting!

See you soon,

S x


8 thoughts on “S4S – GIMME MORE… the tropes I want more of!

  1. One Book More says:

    Love your list! I never really thought about all of the terrible and clueless teachers in books, but you are right. I’d love to see better. And where are all the supportive parents and siblings? Not all relatives have to be terrible. lol


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