FREE DAY WRITING: A word a day for June!


Last month, I started to post some calendar/a prompt a day type resources and people seemed to like them, so I thought I’d create some for June! This is a writing one which could be used for children of all ages – it could be used as a writing or oracy based thing! However you see fit to use it, I’m just here to help!

I’ve tried to keep all of the prompts as varied and fun as possible – for younger children they might just draw a picture, or attempt to write some sentences. Older children might do a 10 minute, or 20 minute, depending on their age, bit of writing about whatever the prompt of the day is!

The same principal applies as last month – every day there’s a different thing to do, except this time it’s a little bit different!

Every day, there’s either a CHARACTER, STORY PLOT or SETTING prompt:

  • If the day has a CHARACTER prompt, the premise is they write SOMETHING about a character – it doesn’t matter what… but their short bit of writing that day is about the character
  • If the day is a SETTING prompt, they write SOMETHING about the given setting – again, it doesn’t matter what, but their bit of writing that day is about the setting.
  • If the day has a STORY PLOT prompt, they write a story using that plot as a stimulus – be that a few sentences, a story map/mountain, a paragraph or a page. Some kind of story about whatever the prompt it.

I’d love this to prompt kids to write different text types about whatever the character and setting are, so they might choose to write a diary, or some instructions, or a newspaper article or whatever it is they want about the prompt.

As always there’s a full colour, a colour version and a black and white version – links to download are under each of the pictures so you can see what they look like!


Words for Writing June full colour


Words for Writing June colour


Words for Writing June BW

I hope this is useful! Feel free to download, share with parents, put on your websites! Sharing is caring and we all need to work together to support our families and kids however we can! Let me know if you do decide to download and share them – it would be lovely to hear from you! But please don’t just claim that this is yours. 

If you’d like a July version, let me know and I can get on it! I’m trying to come up with a similar thing for other subjects… but I’ll get back to you on that! Have a think and let me know if there’s anything you’d like or what other kinds of things would be useful to you!

S x

2 thoughts on “FREE DAY WRITING: A word a day for June!

  1. Cassandra Lambert says:

    This is brilliant. Thank you! Would really love a July one to share with my Children still home learning.


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