S4S – Favourite characters from series!

Good morning #SixforSunday gang!

How are you all holding up? What have you been reading of late? Anything exciting that I need to purchase? I hope you’re all good and looking after yourselves however you can!

It’s time for another #SixforSunday post! These weeks are flying past! I’m really enjoying revisiting my favourite series! Today, we are thinking:

Favourite characters from series

Now this is a #SixforSunday prompt I genuinely could have gone on and on about because I am very much a character driven person. LOVE ME A GOOD CHARACTER.

S4S May Fave chars

  • State of Sorrow (and Song of Sorrow) – Luvian Fen.
    OH LUVIAN. LUVIAN LUVIAN LUVIAN. Friends. I just love him OK? (Also a MASSIVE fan of Sorrow: she’s a TOTAL babe)
  • Viper (and Venom) – Bronn
    OH BRONN. Gorgeous, precious, dedicated and lovely Bronn. I want to hug him so hard.
  • Rebel of the Sands (and Traitor to the Throne and Hero at the Fall) – Jin
    JIN HAS ARMS. Jin is one of those YA characters that is cheeky, sarcastic and just all round charming. I adore him a lot.
  • The Sin Eater’s Daughter (and The Scarecrow Queen) – Twylla
    Twylla is one of the reasons I fell back in love with YA. She’s just such a bloody badass and her character arc from the start of book 1 to the end of book 3 gives me SUCH JOY. I miss her a lot!
  • The Exact Opposite of Okay (and A Girl Called Shameless) – Izzy O’Neill
    I love Izzy on so many levels. She’s so bloody hilarious. I want to be her, I want to be her friend. (Also, shout out here to Betty!)
  • Ghost (and Patina and Sunny and Lu) – Coach
    Coach is one of the best characters in MG books and I will hear no more of it. He’s compassionate, kind and has just the right amount of strict in him. He treats those kids like they’re his own and I love him a lot.

OKAY. I WILL STOP I AM SORRY. Can you tell I love these guys a lot? 

I can’t wait to see which characters you love. I would die for these characters (figuratiely, not literally hah)! Share your lists with me using the hashtag #SixforSunday and I will check them out!


See you next week for my list of ‘Favourite series’!

S x

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