Veronica Dearly Secret Society

Hello, I’m Steph and I am a lover of all things stationery.

Like seriously. I love stationery. I don’t know if it’s a teacher thing or just a me thing, but I really do enjoy all of the stationery.

I also really love a subscription box. It’s like a present to yourself every month/3 months/however often they come. I always forget that I’ve subscribed to these things so it’s a joyous time when they come through the door.

I was browsing the interwebs a few months ago and I came across the Veronica Dearly Secret Society (I mean doesn’t that just SOUND brilliant?!). The Secret Society is a letterbox sized box of lovely things, including cards, stationery and related cool stuff, delivered once a month. And it’s always filled with absolute love. The boxes always make me smile and I love seeing the white box appear through my door. 

The Secret Society Stationery Subscription Club

This month’s box was filled with some wonderful things and I thought I would shre it with you!

It always comes wrapped in lovely tissue paper and the box fits perfectly through your letterbox, so no hassle with having to leave it with your neighbour or anything!

The first things I saw were these: tokens of appreciation and then this adorable rainbow sticker and a badge with the same design on. There’s 3 postcards which also have this gorgeous rainbow design on too.

There’s always cards in the box and they’re always just wonderful. I never want to part with them if I’m honest… ha!

I think my favourite thing in the box howver is the activity and colouring book. I LOVE A GOOD COLOUR IN, so this brings me great joy. The final thing is actually the list of what’s in the box (there is a word for this!) but the back of this is a wonderful quote card that I’m going to put up in my classroom once we’re back.

And that was this month’s box!

If you wanna get in on the fun, check out the secret society subscription sign up page here and there’s even a code to get your first box for a tenner (what a steal!). The boxes are normally £14.95 and they are worth every bloody penny in my books! June’s box is ‘the emotional rollercoaster’ and I know that this is a box I need ha!

And that’s it for today. I just wanted to share with you something that brings me joy!

Are you a lover of stationery?
Do you get any subscription boxes?

Talk to me in the comments, or on twitter! I’d love to know!

S x

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