S4S – The perfect date…

Hello pals!

It’s #SixforSunday time! You know what that means… it’s also time for “prompts Steph set herself that she had TOO MANY answers for so spent too long whittling down her responses to 6 and then regretted it and changed her mind multiple times”. Yep. That’s what we’ve got this week. This week I had quite a few responses… and let’s be honest, they’re all hella predictable!

This week’s prompt saw me mulling over

Six character I’d love to date

LOL. Yep. No shame here. I know who I’ve gone with and you ALL know the reasons why…

  1. Luvian Fen (Sorrow duology by Melinda Salisbury)
    Luvian bloody Fen. That man. He’s witty, charming and a total twat. But I love him. So so much.
  2. Murren Ross (Hold Back The Tide by Melinda Salisbury)
    Ren is the kindest, sweetest and most loyal thing ever. I loved that when I saw Mel talk on Saturday that she was talking about the importance of portraying positive male figures for teens to read. He’s such a babe. I love him
  3. Jin (Rebel of the Sands series by Alwyn Hamilton)
    OH JIN. A bit like Luvian… he’s sarcastic, witty, charming… and I’d LOVE to date him.
  4. Grey (Cursebreakers series by Brigid Kemmerer)
    OH GREY. I love him so much. He is noble and wise.
  5. Emoni (With The Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo)
    Going by the front cover of this book, I think she is ATTRACTIVE. And you know what? I’m allowed to be a little bit shallow!
  6. Izzy O’Neill (The Exact Opposite of Okay/A Girl Called Shameless by Laura Steven)
    I wish I was cool enough to date someone like Izzy, but this is my fictitious game and I can date whoever I like… so Izzy it is.

As I say, there’s LOADS of people who made it onto my list, and I can tell you that as I sit and reread this I’m thinking ‘oh my god should I change this person for this person?’. What can I say? I’m indecisive!

Remember to share your posts using #SixforSunday. I love seeing all of your posts on a Sunday: they fill my heart with SUCH JOY.

S x


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