S4S – Characters I want to be friends with

Hello friends!

How are we all? It’s Sunday again! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately… call it end of term tiredness! I have 2/3 blog posts scheduled for next week though – woohoo! 3 more weeks of the term and then it’s Summer (woooo)! 

Share some good news with me please!

Anyway… you’re here for today’s #SixforSunday post:

Characters I want to be friends with

So 6 characters I want to be friends with (but lets be real, I’m nowhere near cool enough to be friends with them ha!)

  1. Jack (Jack of Hearts and Other Parts)
    He’s hilarious, he’s unashamed and he’s brilliant. What I wouldn’t give to be friends with him.
  2. Luvian Fen (State of Sorrow/Song of Sorrow)
    To be fair, anything to get this man in my life…
  3. Izzy O’Neill (The Exact Opposite of Okay/A Girl Called Shameless)
    I love Izzy. So much. She’s hilarious, she’s cool, she’s like that friend we all want to have. 
  4. Emily (No Big Deal)
    She’s bloody wonderful and I want to be her friend so I can give her a hug.
  5. Leora (Ink trilogy)
    Leora is one of those really wonderful characters you come across in books. PLUS she lives in one of those amazing worlds where stories are really important and I wanna live there. So yes, please can I be her friend?
  6. Twylla (The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy)

I am not predictable at all. Nope. No sir. 

There are SO MANY others I would love to add to this list! 

Thanks so much to everyone who is sharing their #SixforSunday posts with me – seeing them makes me smile SO MUCH. I love you all! 

See you next week for books with a sun on the cover!

S x 

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