BLOG TOUR: Dino Knights

Dino Knights: a rip-roaring adventure! 


Imagine medieval times where the dinosaurs never went extinct. When dinosaur stable boy Henry Fairchild stops a vicious T-Rex from attacking his master, he is invited to join the most elite group in Brecklan, the brave Knights of Panterra, the Dino Knights. But before he can prove himself, the enemies of Brecklan attack with a flock of pterodactyls and kidnap Lord Harding. Whether he’s ready or not, Henry and the Dino Knights mount a daring rescue mission…but nothing is what it seems. 

  • Title: Dino Knights
  • Writer: Jeff Norton
  • Illustrator: George Ermos
  • Publication: June 6th (so it’s out now, woohoo!)
  • Publisher: Awesome Reads
  • Fancy this? Check it on Amazon now: CLICK ME!

Let’s start off with the fact that Henry is a DINOSAUR STABLE BOY. None of this horse riding business, DINOSAUR RIDING. That was enough to get me to pick this up! 

Dino Knights is a brilliant adventure story, perfect for those of us in the world who love a bit of fantasy. Pitched as perfect for fans of Beast Quest, I would have to agree. THe writing style is perfectly pitched for children who love those adventures! There’s everything you could ask for: dinosaurs, dragons and battles. I loved that there was such a fast pace to it, without anything getting lost. The chapters are a great length too – perfect for kids who have found independent reading and who want to run with it! The characters are brilliant and the adventure will keep kids hooked. It’s hard not to like the underdog, and with the good vs bad scenario, kids are BOUND to get hooked. 

The ending of the first book is a wonderful little snippet for what’s to come in book two. It’s PERFECT to keep children hooked and wanting to read on. I do love a good teaser and to know this is going to be a series is brilliant! Keeps children talking about books and wanting to read more. This is a great one for recommending to children who are just finding that fantasy is their thing too. 

A massive thank you to the publishers Awesome Reads for inviting me on this blog tour! I had a blast and I can’t wait to share this book with the kids at school. 

Why don’t you go check out the rest of the stops on the blog tour and see what they thought? Dino Knights is OUT NOW!

Dino Knights Blog Tour Poster

To find out more about author Jeff Norton please visit his website:

You can discover more about illustrator George Ermos right here:

And publisher, Awesome Reads have lots more to offer on their website:

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