Be kind to yourself

Morning, so I started writing this blog post as an “it’s OK not to be OK” post, and I just couldn’t continue with it. So here we are, a blank page and I’m going to make a list of “things to do when I’m feeling sad” and share it with you all, in the hopes that it helps, or that you can help me add to it, or even remind me of it when I’m not OK.

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As I write this, I’m not OK. The circumstances of this not OK don’t matter, the internet does not need to know. Just know I’m a bit sad at the minute and this list is necessary.

Things that make me happy, or that I should do when I’m feeling sad: (inspired by my brilliant friend Kelly and her page in her bullet journal)

  • Listen to music
  • Read a book
  • Text the people you love
  • Go for a walk
  • Sing a song
  • Dance around your room
  • Eat some chocolate
  • Eat some jellies
  • Go get a hug from your mam
  • Write it down, whatever it is, and throw it out
  • Do some work
  • Write a blog post
  • Have a cry, if that’s what’s going to help
  • Have a rant, if that’s going to help
  • Talk to bookish friends
  • Talk to tweacher friends
  • Do some colouring in
  • Watch a musical (just not Les Mis, that’s just dark)
  • Watch a Disney film
  • Watch Beauty and the Beast
  • Watch Matilda
  • Laugh
  • Write a letter to someone (yourself, Kelly, Stevie)
  • Have a cup of tea and a biscuit
  • Text your brother (he’s a wise bean)
  • Go to the seaside (we all know that’s the best thing for you)
  • Eat whatever it is you want to eat
  • Cuddle Derek and Gary
  • Retail therapy
  • Cuddle up in bed
  • Bullet journal
  • Waterstones – a cheese scone and a pot of breakfast tea
  • Quilliams – breakfast and breakfast tea
  • Walking along the Quayside
  • Being anywhere around water really
  • Tell the people you love most that you’re not ok – they’ll help
  • STOP beating yourself up about whatever it is that’s made you feel this way

Mostly though, be kind to yourself. Whatever that means, whatever that looks like in practice, do it. 

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If you have anything you do when you’re sad, or anything you’d recommend to do when I’m feeling sad, I’d love to hear it.

S x


4 thoughts on “Be kind to yourself

  1. Rachael says:

    Have a bath/long shower, that always helps me feel better.
    Also when I’m in a down spell, another thing that helps me is letting myself wallow a bit – watching a bit of rubbish, eating a bit of rubbish, doing a bit of nothing etc. A lot of advice is to get out and do etc which does help, but sometimes so does a day of mooching and letting myself feel crap.
    Hope you feel better soon.x


  2. Jen Eden says:

    I love this post. I hope these lovely things helped you feel better. I like to light some candles and snuggle up under a blanket with either a good book or an old familiar film/tv series for company and just escape in a cocoon of warmth for a bit. Sending you love.x


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