Friends tag: Charlotte edition!

Good morning friends!

Today I have another taker for my Friends tag. My brilliantly hilarious friend Charlotte (yes, Charlotte of Charlotte Somewhere) has taken on the challenge of the Friends Tag. For those of you who don’t know Charlotte, she’s a brilliant book blogger and one of my best friends. Her blog is full of brilliant reviews from both her AND her brilliant son, S. His reviews are some of my favourite ever blog posts! (I’m hoping that I can convince her to get S to take on the Friends challenge… or at least SOME of the challenge. Watch this space!)

You should 100% check out Charlotte’s blog. It’s well worth a read AND a follow! 

Over to Charlotte and the Friends tag…

Ross: Seems harmless, but problematic – Name a book you had problems with

A Court of Thorns and Roses. The main character in this book starts off brave and feisty. I gave up after a few chapters when she became a whiny, simpering wreck hell bend on bedding a fairy.

Monica: neat and tidy – Name a book/series that ends satisfyingly

Holly Bourne’s It Only Happens in the Movies. I like to see a girl who stands up for herself and puts her own needs and self care first.

Chandler: funny and relatable – Name a firm fave

Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights. Forever and always one of my favourites.

(Charlotte is the reason I read Northern Lights in the first place)

Phoebe: reliable and friendly – An author you always rely on

Melinda Salisbury and Sara Barnard. Both can absolutely be relied upon to shatter my swinging-brick heart with every book they write.

(You can tell Charlotte is my friend… I would like to say I influenced Charlotte’s fan girling of both of these authors!)

Rachel: she grows on you over time – Name a book/series that’s grown on you over time

I didn’t have an instant answer to this one. A book that grew on me more the more I thought about it after reading was A Prayer for Owen Meany. A friend recommended it and pushed me to keep reading, I’m so glad I did because all the bits I read wondering WTF was going on became instantly clear and highly relevant in the last few chapters.

Gunther: always there, always ignored – A book you’ve had on your TBR forever

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It’s been on my shelf forever. I have not read it yet.

Carol and Susan: keeping it diverse – An LGBT+ book you love/hate/wanna read

Noah Can’t Even. This book had me laughing so hard I was crying. I just adore Noah and the crazy things he gets home to.

A massive thanks to Charlotte for coming along to join in the Friends tag fun! Go read and follow her blog. You won’t regret it!

S x

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