S4S – Favourite blog posts

Hello! Welcome to September #SixforSunday

In September, we are going to be sharing the blogger love! We’re starting with today’s #SixforSunday which asks about:

Favourite blog posts I’ve written

So which blog posts have I written that I love the most, or that mean the most to me?

  1. The one where it all started
    This is on the list not because it’s the best blog post I’ve ever written, but becase it was the beginning of my journey. It was where I decided that yes I’m going to blog, and here I am, still blogging!
  2. My happy posts 
    I can’t choose a favourite happy post because they all are incredibly meaningful to me. My happy posts keep me going. They’re the best things to write as they remind me of all the amazing things I’m blessed with. I try and write one every few weeks!  A massive thanks to my friend Grace for introducing me to them! Have some examples – Happy things – bloggerversary editionIf you’re happy and you know it…Don’t rain on my parade….
  3. Any time I’ve been lucky enough to feature an author on my blog
    I’ve been very fortunate to feature a whole host of authors on my blog and I am so grateful. I’ve had the chance to feature some of my all time favourite authors which still blows my mind too. My most recent one was the brilliant David Owen, who answered all of my questions about his new book – check that out here.
  4. My ‘Letters to…’ posts!
    I’ve not written a letter to anyone recently, but I really like doing them. I’ve written letters to myself a few times. One of my favourite ones was when I ranted on about pockets for a while… 
  5. #SixforSunday 
    Oh #SixforSunday, you are my absolute babe. I love doing #SixforSunday. I can’t quite believe it’s still going. It’s something I started for me and it’s so incredible to watch it evolve and seeing other people join in makes me so happy! You’ll find the prompts for the rest of this year at #SixforSunday prompts take 2
  6. Any time I talk about Melinda Salisbury, Sara Barnard or Maz Evans. 
    Because I love all 3 of them. 

So there you go! 

Thank you once again for joining in #SixforSunday, or reading #SixforSunday posts. It means the world to me! Now go and show off the posts you’re proud of! 

See you next week for: Favourite bloggers!

S x

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