But you’re so happy all the time…

People often ask me, “how are you so positive all the time?”

Well, most of the time I am. There are times I’m not, but I just don’t show it. Maybe I should; maybe I need to show when I’m not having a good day. The people I trust know when I’m not having a good day. Today, I thought I’d share some of the not so positive. I’m human after all.

You don’t need to read on, if this isn’t your cup of tea, but if you do… be gentle. This is the first post of this type that I’ve shared here.

I worry about the smallest of things.
Sometimes my skin isn’t thick enough.
I care too much about what people think about me.
I stress over the little things.
It takes the tiniest of comments to make me doubt myself.
Some days I dwell on off-hand/negative comments too much.
Not sleeping enough is bad for my mood.
Spending too much time with others isn’t great for me.
Spending too much time alone makes me feel lonely.
Sometimes I don’t try things because I don’t want to fail.
I’m not great with rejection, so I don’t put myself out there.
I feel a lot of things.
I definitely don’t believe in myself enough some days.
I know I’m good at my job, but expressing that isn’t something I do in fear of being called cocky.
I’m not quite able to accept compliments at times cause I don’t always believe them.
I like myself 90% of the time.
I’m a perpetual over thinker.
I have more to say than I actually say.
I analyse everything.
I’m really hard on myself, but not others.
I expect a lot of myself.
Some say I’m a perfectionist.
My weight bothers me a lot at times, other times not so much.
I beat myself up over the smallest of things.
I get cross with myself.
Being single is not great for me some days.
I get sad at times.
I’m not great at looking after myself at times.

It’s things like these that make my grateful posts, the happy pages in my bullet journal, my friends and family so important to me. Sometimes these things can get to be A LOT. 

S x

4 thoughts on “But you’re so happy all the time…

  1. franthelibrarian says:

    It’s reassuring to read that other people have the same anxieties…that’s one of the gifts of books and reading…to reassure myself that I’m not alone and that others have felt the same and thought the same as me


  2. Jen Eden says:

    Thanks for sharing with such honesty. It can take real courage to share the hard or negative things, especially if you’re used to being seen as the happy-go-lucky, eternal optimist. You’re definitely not alone in those doubts and fears and negative thoughts.💛


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