Spread positivity like wildfire

A LONG while back, I started following the amazing people of Doodle on twitter (@doodle_ed) and have long admired their products from afar. 

My lovely friend Kathryn bought me a copy of these 2 Doodle pads for my training year. I found them so useful that I’ve had to buy another of each pad ready for September! The thing I love about these is that you get to reflect on the day in a really fun way. As a student teacher, doing these once a week (sometimes twice) made me really think “yep, I’ve achieved something today/yep I’m making a difference”. It’s the little things in life that we need to celebrate, so much of the time we beat ourselves up as teachers – we didn’t get that done, that went wrong, this wasn’t quite right… we encourage our kids to celebrate their successes so we should celebrate our own. And I would 100% say teaching is in fact the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about these pads, follow the links to the Doodle website:

To Do pad

Best Job In The World pad

Safeguarding pad

Doodle also do amazing postcards, that I will MOST CERTAINLY be using in my NQT year. I think there’s something so beautifully simple about postcards. They can be used for so many different purposes. Celebrating the good in schools is so important to me. Building up the kids I teach, making them proud of who they are, their work, their effort… it all matters. If I get to help them build up that impression of themselves by sending out a postcard every now and again, I’m going to do it. 

I absolutely adore the rocket one! It makes me so happy.

Follow the link to see the full range of Doodle postcards – clicky click.

Let me know if you can recommend any other websites for buying postcards, or if you’ve used any of Doodle’s products! They do “create your own exercise books” and brilliant posters too. 

How do you spread positivity in school? Shout your ideas at me. I really want to inject a healthy dose of positivity into my NQT year and would love to hear your ideas! Let me know in the comments, or share them on twitter (@eenalol)

S x

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