BOOK BLOG: Juliette Forrest

Twister: a dark, compelling and punchy story

(look how pretty the proof cover is!!)

“Twister’s father has gone missing and as she’s searching for him she stumbles across a witch living in the woods. She is given a magical necklace that holds the souls of living things and can turn the wearer into a wolf, or a rushing river, or a rainstorm. But there’s a dark foe on the hunt for this necklace, a baddie who wears a coat crawling with creatures and who might have something to do with her father’s sudden disappearance…”

Twister tells the tale of Twister – yep, that’s her name! – a brave, naive and sweet MC who goes on the hunt for her dad. That’s all she wants. She wants her dad back. She knows there’s some kind of secret, or darkness, to his disappearance, she just doesn’t quite know how to get him back. She receives a letter in her search for him, which ends up being quite important to her. 

36987545(finished cover)

This is a brilliantly fast paced book, filled with lots of adventure. There’s a gorgeous sense of magic and the unknown to it. I wanted to read on to find out what comes next. Twist’s dog, Point, is one of my favourite supporting characters in this. He’s loyal and he’s a friend Twist needs at the worst of times! Twister is a complex but curious main character, telling a story which is quite dark at places.

As every good book does have, there’s goodies and a very scary baddy. Twister has people on her side, people she can rely on, people she eventually (and as readers, we have to) trusts. These characters give the story a lovely depth. The other characters are all compelling in different ways. And you can never beat a compelling villain!

This book is so beautifully written that you experience every emotion Twister does. She goes through anger, disbelief, sadness, loss… and you feel it all. You can’t get away from the emotions. They’re there to be felt and in reading you can’t escape them. There’s moments of Twister being bullied for who she is – starting the book like this was an eye opener. Seeing how Twister deals with the bullying, her strength, made my heart soar. She’s a brilliant main character. 

There’s a definite dark feeling to some of this book. As a teacher, I’d be quite careful about who I recommend this to – it’s not inappropriate, but it has its moments of darkness. It’s definitely an UKS2/KS3 book. I really enjoyed reading something slightly more complex and haunting

Have you read Twister?
How would you react in Twister’s situation?
Do you prefer the finished cover or the proof cover?

Let me know in the comments, or on twitter! 

S x


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