March in books!

Goodbye March, we have finally reached April. I say finally, this year is FLYING. EEK.

I’m here to talk you through March in books! 

(If you’re curious as to my other months in books, check out: January in books and February in books)

In March, I:

Read 11 books.
Ate an Easter Egg.
Took part in #EasterReadathon.
Went to NYA Lit Fest.

Listened a lot (still) to The Greatest Showman, despite having not seen it.
Walked along with 240 kids to Newcastle Quayside.

I mean, I did so much more in March. But those are some notable events in March in my life!

So books in March?

march mg

MG books:
Brightstorm – Vashti Hardy 
Night Speakers – Ali Sparkes 
Beyond the Odyssey – Maz Evans
The Storm Keeper’s Island – Catherine Doyle
The Buried Crown – Ally Sherrick
The Company of Eight – Harriet Whitehorn

march ya

YA books:
The Truth about Alice – Jennifer Mathieu
Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Katherine Webber
I Was Born For This – Alice Oseman
Spark – Alice Broadway
Skylarks – Karen Gregory

Another incredible month for books. I’m so grateful to all the wonderful publishers for sending me copies of these books to read, some months before release! 

What about my book challenges?

#BritishBooksChallenge: 23/12 (maybe more!)
#52books2018: 19/52 (just kids books!)
Goodreads challenge: 36/52

There you go, my March round up!

How are you getting along with your book challenges?
What was your favourite read in March?
Can you recommend me any books to read in April?

Comment me ideas. Tweet me (@eenalol). Follow me on instagram (@eenalol) to check out the books I’m reading… plus sneak peeks at my bookpost!

S x

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