Y6 SATS Survival

Yes, We’re getting to that time of year again.. SATs time.

Now, they don’t HAVE to be stressful. I know schools all deal with them differently. There is no right way for the collective, there’s only a right way for your school, for your kids.

For us, we bring the kids in early, ensure they get into school, have a good breakfast (there’s a full English offered to the kids every morning of the SATs) and some air before they sit down to do their tests. We find it works. The staff all help and there’s a brilliant sense of community built up. The kids all remember it too!

This run up to SATs can be stressful for everyone who works with Y6 (so everyone), but it’s amazing when you find a resource that works for your classMornings are a brilliant time to use for a bit of quick revision. When the kids are coming in, waiting for the register, that’s a brilliant bit of time that can be used.

Recently we’ve been using a few different Twinkl resources to help us with the time, using resources that are engaging and fun.

These powerpoints are a brilliant start of the day thing – slap them on the board, the kids work through them (you get 10 weeks of powerpoints – 5 slides per week, working on Arithmetic, Reasoning and Problem Solving). By the time the register is done, they’ve finished and you can go through it quickly. These have helped us find children who all have similar needs and can get support for them when necessary. Just like in Maths, there are SPaG morning PowerPoints which are great to use for some quick revision!

These Maths mats are great too! These can be put out and the children can just have a go at them straight away. They come in differentiated sheets too! (You’ll find these for all year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 for Autumn, Spring and Summer! They’re brilliant, we are a big fan of them!) Not only are there Maths mats, but there’s some excellent SPaG mats too! Again, like the Maths ones, these are differentiated AND you get the whole year. They all follow a similar pattern and kids very quickly get used to how they work. We have the answers printed out too and the children self mark, or peer mark. 

One of the things we’ve noticed recently is that pace of reading is something the children need to work on, so when we found that Twinkl were starting to do 60 Second Reads – focusing on different elements of reading – we were keen to give them a go to use these for some Guided Reading focus lessons. The kids loved doing the 60 Second Reads: WW2 cards, with some brilliant responses too! These fit in lovely with our WW2 topic. There’s a whole host of different topics out there in the 60 Second Reads!

These resources are all great, and they get the kids’ brains working through a short, sharp burst of revision. There’s a whole host of resources on Twinkl to help with SATs. There’s a load more that I’ve not mentioned too! There’s stuff for SPaG, Reading and Maths! What more do you need?

What resources do you help for your Y6 prep for SATs?
Do you have a go to website?
Is there anything for revision you’d like to see that you can’t find anywhere?

Talk to me! I’d love to talk SATs prep in different schools!

S x

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