S4S – Stuck in a lift?!


It is I, the Sunday fairy. I have returned to your shores once again. Where did the week go? Who even knows? I am here now, to bless you with a #SixforSunday post! 

Today I’m thinking about:

Characters I would like to be stuck in a lift with

So 6 characters I would like to be stuck in a lift with, for a variety of reasons!

  1. Twylla – The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy
    Oh man, I love this girl. One of my favourite YA protagonists. She’s wonderful and incredible and badass. I’d like to talk to her about so much from the trilogy.
  2. Jin – Rebel of the Sands trilogy 
    Let’s be honest, I’d like to be stuck in a lift with JUST Jin. I’m sure we could find some way to fill the time. Talking, obviously. And he could teach me to shoot.
  3. Wing Jones – Wing Jones, obv.
    This girl is brilliant. She’s strong, she’s brave and she could give me some brilliant running tips. I would LOVE to be a runner and she would give me some brilliant poiunters.
  4. Ceony – The Paper Magician trilogy
    This woman is wonderful. I’d probably just ask her to do magic for me for the entirity of the being stuck. If she brought Emery along too… I wouldn’t complain!
  5. Katie – The Fandom
    I feel Katie and I would get on swimmingly, if anything we would have a total laugh. I would appreciate her company. I’d learn a lot of new swearwords and she would keep me entertained!
  6. Moonbeam – After the Fire
    Man, I have SO MANY QUESTIONS for this girl. SO SO MANY. Cults fascinate me, so I’d just turn it into a bit of a Q&A session. No lies. I think she’d be fascinating to spend some time with. 

THIS WAS FUN. There are so so many other characters I wouldn’t mind being stuck in a lift with. 

Share yours with me! I would love to see who you would choose. Don’t forget to share on twitter using the hashtag #SixforSunday. Thank you to everyone who is joining in with my silly little Sunday thing. You’re all brilliant.

S xx

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