COVER REVEAL: Truth Sister

Today is a very exciting FIRST for me here! 

Today is my very first COVER REVEAL.


The lovely people over at Impress Books asked if I would reveal the cover (which has also been revealed on their twitter account, go give them a follow @ImpressBooks) to a new and exciting YA book they are publishing in July! 

Without further ado:

Truth Sister 1920x1080

I love the mathematical, geometric, science-y feel to it!

A bit of info about Truth Sister:

“The year is 2149. The Women’s Republic of Anglia seeks to harness forgotten technologies from the time when men ruled the world. But when Clara Perdue stumbles on information that the Republic has tried to keep hidden, she begins to realise that the society she has been taught to believe in – and trained to defend – is not all that it seems. A secret from Clara’s past puts herself, her family, and her friends in danger, and Clara must choose between subservience and rebellion.

In a world where knowledge is power, what you know can save your life. Or it can get you killed.”

Described as The Power meets Only Ever Yours, this sharp, dystopian young adult novel raises  all sorts of questions about climate change and what we could be faced with in years to come.

I’m not going to lie… it was that final line that ABSOLUTELY had me sold. I can not wait to read this book. 

Thank you so much Impress Books for allowing me to host this cover reveal! #TruthSister out in July!

S x

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