Book people are the best people…

Why books bring people together

Opinions – popular and unpopular. Being listened to. Being heard. Reading incredible blogs by gorgeous Grace. Feeling included. Meeting new friends. Being invited to incredible events. Beauty and the Beast. Strong, female characters. Book recommendations. Book talk. Book swapping. Being surrounded by people who support you. People who encourage you. (Friends who encourage your book buying habit!) Stories you need. Stories that change you. Books with meaning. Books that make you laugh. Books for the sake of reading. Authors who respect you. Authors you respect. Talking, commending, fangirling over a book or an author. Laughing. Crying. All of the crying. Blog posts about books. The honesty of books. The honesty of authors. Making friends with people half way around the world because of a book. Making friends with someone along the road because of a book. 

I love being a book blogger. 
I love being a reader.

S x

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